By   January 5, 2016

There are semi detached properties having all the same centers for people who want a bit more privacy. The whole building also has wonderful facilities such as a clubhouse, a fully equipped gym with trainers, playing fields, meditation garden, a well-equipped play area, 5 pools liking 3 leisure pools with Jacuzzi, medical spa beds, wading pools for the kids and more. Other functions are lap pool, social function room and sun deck. Each of the residences are pre furnished with all modern facilities such as microwave oven, and outdoor oven, a wine chiller, a dishwasher, a state of the art a/c unit, a refrigerator with double doors, hobs and washing devices. The two kinds of buildings here are the Balcony homes and Semidetached. The Terrace buildings are the ones with individual roof balconies in addition to a huge outdoor balcony. A Life of Opulence at Whitley Residences Found in among the opulent and main locations of the city, this luxury group of residences remains in close ranges from all the essential amenities of Singapore city. The city of Singapore is well connected by the Central expressway stations and others. It is among the best Landed New Introduce of the site too. There are many benefits of purchasing a property in Whitley Residences Singapore. The first feature is that is it positioned in Estate district 11 which is means that it remains in one of the best pasts of the city. One of the first things that prospective land or home buyers must guarantee is where the building is located. If the location is near to all the central features of the city then it is a prime land. The 2nd feature that the acreage of the Whitley Residences is massive, boasting of an overall acreage of 130000 square feet of prime and freehold land.

The interiors of the suburb ranges from 5 thousand to 6 thousand square feet, which is actually huge! Every unit has ample space for two automobile lots which guarantees ample space for all the automobiles of the residents. Every apartment or condo building includes 4 levels and each level is developed magnificently to have 5 suite bed rooms in addition to a personal place with is confined from view, an individual elevator and a roofing terrace. Another benefit is that of its track record. This location is a big estate location site in the district 9 to 11 where lots of homes have been developed in the last twenty years. Another feature which sets this building apart from others is that it is close to some of the best schools in the city so that the kids of the locals do not need to take a trip far for education. Every apartment structure is made in a condo design which one of the most luxurious designs worldwide for personal houses

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