By   November 16, 2016

Health insurance is one of the many privileged programs this country offers its American citizens. Is there a solution political groups have offered for this country that will create affordable and sustainable health care, while not cutting into the citizen’s pocketbook?

As American citizens lose their jobs and savings, however, healthcare seems to be a top priority. Because health is one of the most important conditions of civilisation. The fact is we do need healthcare. Medical professionals in the health industry provide services to the people when they are sick or injured. But if we are to make healthcare affordable for the masses, new technologies in the healthcare industry must race ahead like the computer industry did in the late 1900’s.

In comparison though, the destructive cost-prohibited FDA that regulates the medical industry, leaves any medical advancements severely neglected. As a result, the health care in America is deteriorating. The FDA and their bureaucratic regulations have caused more and more doctors to slave longer and longer for less and less money.For more information on medical solutions you can also visit


However, if healthcare becomes unhindered by cost-prohibitive regulations, the medical industry would be free to creatively progress, bring prices down, and be reduced to the private sector where the medical industry would be ran like a business. The Virginia Republican, Eric Cantor, said that he wanted to “work with the White House to revamp the healthcare system but believed that government agencies are inherently less efficient than the private sector.”

America has the potential to become the fastest growing and most prosperous nation in history, also becoming the healthiest. America can enjoy the brightest research doctors and scientists in the world backed by the largest pool of investment-money for costly research projects finally free of cost-prohibitive and self-serving political regulations. Yet, again, today even the simplest insurance policy is not affordable.





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