By   November 18, 2016

Why is a spring free trampoline safer than other trampoline models? The spring free trampoline unique design features have eliminated 90 percent of product related trampoline injuries. Some of the features that make spring free the world’s safest are;

  • Mat rods.springfree uses flexible rods to give a smooth, non jarring bounce. The rods lie beneath the jumping surface out of harm’s way
  • The soft edge spring free has a soft aged which is over 30 times more shock absorbent than the safest pads on  a traditional trampoline
  • Hidden  frame .spring free trampolines frame is well beneath the jumping  surface so you can’t hit it

How does a spring free trampoline work? Springfree is a soft edge that uses strong flexible composite rods in place of springs with a flexinet enclosure that keeps the jumper from falling off the trampoline. Is a spring free trampoline as bouncy as a a traditional trampoline? Spring free trampoline provides a bounce similar to a traditional spring based trampoline in terms of how high you can jump.

Why doesn’t a spring free trampoline have pads around the edge? It does not have fatty pads around the edge because it doesn’t need them. The soft edge has much more give in it than normal safety pads. Traditional trampolines require safety pads to protect the jumper  from falling on the steel frame, falling through or getting caught in the springs. You can read vuly 2 trampoline review for more information.

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