By   January 11, 2017

Engaging in business depicts you to the dangers of being charged. To save your individual and business assets from the lawsuits, you must take legal steps to defend it.

Incorporating is a way of defending against the potential risk of lawsuits and various claims:

o Single Incorporation – Protecting your private assets. 

Incorporating a business is like initiating a legal wall to isolate your personal assets from your business.

In any event, any judgment in contradiction to your business will not disturb your personal assets. Your home, savings, stocks, properties, etc. remain undamaged and protected. You can also get help from the business lawyer from regarding the protection of your business assets.

o Double Incorporation Strategy – Defending your business assets. 

The double incorporation strategy comprises the formation of two business entities. The first entity, which is the "at risk" business, is the one that cooperates with people and customers.

The second business entity is the "holding corporation" which is formed to own the appreciated assets and properties of the company such machinery, equipment, popular domain name, custom software, and other items. The holding entity contracts its assets to the "at risk" company to control the business as a whole.

In any case, when a judgment is condensed on your "at risk" business, the second entity which the holding company, will recollect the possession of your property, assets, and equipment.


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