By   May 22, 2017

Most people do not have thick and perfect eyelashes due to which they often opt for fake ones. It is commonly believed that the best way to look sensual and alluring is to have perfect eye lashes. There are different types of lashes available in market that you can choose from according to the occasion. Below are a few tips for selecting the best types of fake lashes.

Courtesy: macmedspa.

1. Individual Lashes

These are cluster eyelashes and are used for creating a natural look. It takes a lot of concentration and experience to tell if a person is wearing fake eyelashes or they have naturally thick lashes. The benefits of using these lashes are that they are water resistant and can easily be taken off without damaging your natural lashes. You can easily get these eyelashes online.

2. Strip eyelashes

Strip eyelashes are used to create a dramatic effect so they are either used on brides or models only. These are not suitable for daily use or party makeup because they give an artificial look as opposed to individual lashes. These need to be trimmed before application according to the length of your natural lashes and you do not need to put mascara on them.

3. Three-Quarter (Half) Lashes

These lashes are not easily available in the market. They create the perfect look that is not too dramatic and not too understated either. These are supposed to be applied on the external corner of the eye due to which they create a very elegant and romantic look.

These are some types of fake eyelashes that are frequently used for makeup purposes.

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