By   June 18, 2017

Book Reselling Rights And Privileges

ebook resell rightsEbook resell rights are quite important for all those who are composing online, and this article riefly explains how the rights may be managed by an author. The author must be away of the rights they have, and they must understand how they will earn money from each new book. There are quite a few of these books featured online, and each of them will help the author earn an income.

#1: The Contract

The contract for the ebook must lay out how much money will be made by the author when they sell their books. The books that are sold online are quite important because the author may resell to several different websites that wish to publish them. They must pay a percentage of the book price to the author, and they must list the rights for the reader once they publish the content.

#2: Ebook Resell Rights Are Complex

You must have an attorney look over your contract, and they will let you know how much money you may make on each new contract. You may sign a contract with every website that purchases your ebooks, and you will find that the ebooks will earn differing amounts of money on different websites. There are quite a few people who are selling their books online using these simple contracts. The author must ensure that their rights are protected when they are selling online, and the contract you receive will help you save quite a lot of money and time.

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