By   September 29, 2017

As any Jack Russell Terrier owner understands, keeping them amused is a complete time job, particularly since they have a tendency to ruin any toy that you give them. They could be little Jack Russell Terrier however, they are mighty.

1. I began using a stuffed squeaky dog toy, three hundred bucks later (the vet bill) and a tummy filled with stuffing, I no longer purchase stuffed toys.

2. Next, I attempted tennis balls that looked harmless enough, yea sure. The minute I looked off, a new game was invented; it is called substance the ball at the smallest area possible and digs it out. The principles are, retrieve the ball by any way possible. If this means chewing or grinding through a couch, then take action.

3. Well, if tennis balls are too small I thought I would attempt something larger so, I purchased a kid's plastic ball, a rubber playground ball, and a soccer ball everyone all surfaced within moments. So, I thought I would attempt something much harder, a basketball. The basketball looked like an ideal answer, incorrect.

Four Dog Toys Jack Russell Terrier Owners Should Avoid

4. Another toy which Jack Russell Terrier, owners must avoid are the tougher plastic (not the rubber) squeaky dog toys, they may be shredded in a matter of minutes. Not only can they create a large wreck, if ingested they could cause internal bleeding or a congestion, which might end in operation. There's also the chance of choking which could possibly lead to death.

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