By   June 5, 2018

Several months ago I wrote a long and detailed Worldwide Brands review but since then I've received a lot of questions about Worldwide Brands that were not dealt with in that review, so this article will hopefully fill that gap.

How many suppliers are listed in Worldwide Brands's database?

There are over 8,000 certified wholesalers and drop shippers listed in Worldwide Brands, with more than 16 million products available to buy at trade prices between them.

You need to contact each supplier directly though, as it's not possible to order products directly through the Worldwide Brands site.

Do any suppliers sell in light bulk?

With Worldwide Brands they do – in fact over 90% of the suppliers in their database offer light bulk as an option (minimum orders are only $150-500).

Moreover, around 70% of the suppliers in Worldwide Brands will drop ship directly to your customers.

Are there any discounts for Worldwide Brands or Salehoo?

There's a $50 discount for Worldwide Brands in the review I link to above, and often there are seven day trial offers for Salehoo that initially only cost $1.00.

Which is better Worldwide Brands or Salehoo?

That's a hard question to answer, but I wrote a long answer in my review that I link to above.

However, the short answer is that in my opinion Worldwide Brands offers better long term value for money – but both directories are useful and worth joining if you are looking for low priced suppliers.

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