By   June 13, 2018

The services that are available for rent or for hire are usually related to either items for transport or for accommodations. But rentals these days can really be varied, and some are for rare or uncommon things that might be available. There have been so many things that were made to serve consumers in many different ways.

One of these belong to transport vehicles or automobiles which are unique in their configurations and qualities. The Hummer limo in Orange County CA for instance can have use of such vehicles. These are a variant of the famous and even modern vehicle that have become iconic to many people in this country, notably the Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Story has it that when he saw the HUMVEE military vehicle for the first time, he was so inspired that he lobbied General Motors to have a civilian version in production. The production soon came into reality and the famous actor and politician had his wish come true. The run though did not take too long, even with such an iconic vehicle.

It ended its production phase in 2011, and there have been no new vehicles created after this time. Mostly, what is left are those units that have been sold, some supplies for OEM replacement parts and perhaps some brand new units that were left unsold. The limo variant can range in size, but these are usually bigger than usual.

Limousines are stretch versions of classic sedans and could belong to brands or models like Lincoln or Continental. The Hummer type is something that has become truly a modern party item that makes for the most iconic events because of several things. One, as mentioned, is its size, because being close to size as bus means that lots of things could be installed in it.

The size can accommodate bars, furnishings like sofas and couches, lighting fixtures, even small dance floors. Games can be set up with video monitors or on tables when non tech. Also, speakers, LED TVs and a host of other items are installable, all depending on what clients want, prefer or need.

A lot of high school prom after event parties are held in these vehicles. In California, there are specific firms which deal with this kind of rental and also provide party organizing and installment services. In a state which once had Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor, there will certainly be a lot of civilian HUMVEEs around.

GM did not state the reason why it discontinued the making of these vehicles. This means a limited availability for parts replacement and sooner rather than later it will become vintage but will also need more independent experts for services like overhauls or reconstruction. It means that they have to be well taken care of by their owners.

The firms which rent out the limo will have their work cut out for them. But there are better options in actual fact for making the vehicle that much more useful in the long run. These firms are either prepared to carry over their vehicles to the next decade or will replace them with new ones.

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