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How To Make Your Own T-shirt and Be Original 

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In the current world where you can do almost anything by yourself, it is not such a big deal to design and make your own great looing t-shirt for yourself. I mean why waste time in malls in pursuit of that specific hard to find T-shirt or wait in long queues so that you can have that limited release Tee? Does your wardrobe splurge out onto the floor with t-shirts having famous logos, jokes on them, company logos or t-shirts that are the same as everyone else is wearing? If this sounds like you then maybe it's time to make your own t-shirt and be original with your style every time you walk out of your home. The question is how can you make one? 

How to Get Started 

Through a lot of study and research, the information given below will help you come up with the a unique design and how to print it if you want and the process has been made quite easy. The Best Materials To Use. It is important to note that t-shirts can be worn as an outerwear or an underwear. It is important to choose the material carefully to make it feel as much comfortable as possible. Furthermore, the pictures or patterns you want to put on it should give a lime light on the best material to pick. 

What Are The most Common Materials?


Its most advantage is that it is breathable and feels soft on the skin. It is ideal for those who want a 'little bit' more graphics on their t-shirts and is cheap to acquire. Remove them from the dryer immediately as they do wrinkle easily. 


This material is made from flax plant and has a textured weave. The material is light weight, moisture wicking and is breathable. T-shirts made from this material are best suited for summer wear. 


Also known as spandex, this material is stretchy and is usually combined with other materials to give a little 'more' of space. This make movement quite easier. 


A very strong material which retain it strength and shape even after repeated washing. An excellent material which drys quickly after washing and very easy to design and machine. 

On average, when you try making you own t-shirt at home with a simple color print on one side, it will cost 10 dollars. Obviously you don't want to go for too obvious print or just a t-shirt that is printed on one side. It will not also make sense to have colorful prints printed on a cheap t-shirt. Go for a perfectly fitting tee having the right fabric which will definitely look good on you and last long. 

Design Trends

Here are some of the tips you should keep in mind mind when designing. The size of the prints you want on you t-shirt. It is important to note that too big prints will make you look out of place while too small prints will not be visible from a reasonable distance. Bear in mind also the fitting of the tee. Nowadays, people want perfectly fitting t shirts as they make them look strong and stylish. Color varies greatly and one is free to go with what feels comfortable on them as long as it matches the event. Initially, designs were made by companies. The method entailed transfer papers which had a specific print on it which required you to iron it on your shirt or take it silk screen printing which was ridiculously expensive for just a single t-shirt. 

Digital Printing

Thanks to the digital printing techniques, as it is now easy to design and print your t-shirts. The technique is so advanced it has endless list of quality designs, prints and fabric t-shirts. When all these are combined, the result is exceptional and at an affordable price. 

Thinking to start your own fashion business?

Due to large number required, the idea might be quite overwhelming. However, taking it slow and having creative people around you will reduce the pressure and you will come used to it. You can visit different sites and see current trends which you can expertly mix with your imagination and the outcome will be outstanding. 


Nowadays, t-shirts are like a must have for everybody's wardrobe. Dating their usage in the 1900s,their design, style and finishing have transformed throughout the years depending on the requirement of the market. However, people have different taste which has prompted people to make their own depending on what feel attractive to them. You shouldn't be left behind and it might turn up to be a great adventure if not a source of income. Depending on what you want to use the t-shirt for, maybe you want to hit the gym or just want one to lounge around the house, the material should fit the purpose perfectly.

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