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Brief About The Delights of Italy

By   January 4, 2017

Italy has made significant contributions to the cultural and social development of the entire Mediterranean area.Italy is located in southern Europe and comprises the long, boot-shaped Italian Peninsula, the land between the peninsula and the Alps, and a number of islands including Sicily and Sardinia.You can know more about best vespa tours italy via http://www.traveloveitaly.com/tour/vespa-and-fiat-500-exclusive-tours/.

Florence, a Renaissance city in the heart of Tuscany, is home to some of the country's best museums, cathedrals and churches, and therefore perfect for a luxury holiday.

Florence's town hall, the Palazzo Vecchio, sits on the piazza. The palazzo is surrounded by cafes and restaurants. Another popular destination is the Cattedrale de Santa Maria del Fiore. The huge Gothic duomo was built in 1296 and holds 20,000 people.

The entire history of the city can be seen through its many ancient buildings, sculptures, and the magnificent artwork found in the city's museums. Rome's ancient beginnings can be seen in Greek and Roman architecture, its contributions to the modern world in Renaissance.

The exterior is composed entirely of green, pink, and white marble and features several elaborate doors and statues. Inside, Brunelleschi's Dome is an architectural masterpiece. This destination is the centerpiece of any luxury tour.

The Ponte Vecchio was built in 1345 and was the city's first bridge ever built across the Arno River. It is the only surviving bridge from Florence's medieval period and features stunning views of the Arno River and beyond.