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What Are The Tips To Good Check Printing In Quick Books?

By   July 6, 2017

1.You must be sure that you are creating standard checks and not paycheck. When you are sure, click on the write check icon that is found on the home page.

2.Quick books are known to offer few options for check creation. Click on my preferences. You can now specify a default account then click on the company preferences to bring you more options.

3.Customize your checks appearance. Click paycheck and choose a standard style and add the name, address and logo of your company. A signature image should also be included.

4.Make sure that your printer has enough ink before you start printing. This is to avoid inconveniences.

5.Secure your blank checks and don’t leave them in the printer. If you are going to print a lot of checks, you should assign that task to one printer.

6.If your printer process pages in reverse order, you can modify your printer’s property settings and load the paper to accommodate reverse printing.

7.If you are writing multiple checks and want to print them later, click the print later link. When you are ready to print, click on the print checks link.

8.When you realize that you have made a mistake when printing a batch of checks, click on the Esc key to stop it.

9.Before you print, go through everything and make sure that the numbers match. To get the best check printing deals  for your company, you can find the Checks Unlimited Coupons from printers and  this will offer you a good deal.