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Tanzania Safaris Need Careful Planning

By   November 12, 2016

Tanzania is renowned as a safari destination and boasts some of the finest wildlife areas anyplace in Africa. But a Tanzania safari trip is amazing that needs careful planning if you want to get the most out of what is for a lot of visitors, an once-in-a-lifetime tour

When planning a safari in Tanzania, it is crucial to know the best locations to visit and the best times to go there. Northern Tanzania offers a lot of world class wildlife areas within a pretty small area. Serengeti, Kilimanjaro and Ngorongoro are the best known regions but Tarangire, Natron, Manyara, and Eyasi are also worthy of consideration.For more information on tanzania tours you can check online.




Tanzania boasts some stunning landscape, unbelievable diversity and enormous variety and concentrations of wildlife. About four in every five visitors to Tanzania visit this Northern region alone, most of them on jeep safari or driving safaris. But most of these tourists concentrate only on the well known hotspots and miss out totally on the very best areas and experiences.

The success of any safari to Northern Tanzania largely depends on the Serengeti element of the trip and this area is the best illustration of how you need to understand not just the park but also the dynamics of the many areas within the park. For example, you should treat the busy Serengeti Central with concern and, wherever probable look at visiting the quieter areas, in fastidious the Serengeti North between August and October or the southern Serengeti Plains and Loliondo between December and May.