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Tips On What Information To Put On Your Business Card

By   July 8, 2017

The information you put on your business card portrays an image of who you are and   what your business is. A good business card should contain powerful information that will create a lot of traffic to your website or your retail shop. What information should be put on a business card?

1.Logo and tagline.

Logo and tagline is the first information that should be included in your business card. This is to serve as your business and brands identity. Every business card should have a logo and a tagline to help customers identify the brand you specialize in.

2.Your website and social media profiles.

The reason why you should include your website on your business card is for the customers to search you on their browsers. This helps them find more about you and your business. Your page should have a video clip or typed message that will help them know more about you. A business card with no website is incomplete. You should also include your social media profiles for example twitter where you have showcased your business.

3.Contact information.

You have to tell people how they are going to reach or contact you. Provide them with an email address or your phone number. This way they will be able to contact you. You  can visit https://www.coupons4printing.com/stores/vistaprint-codes/ to get more information.


Voucher Code Online shopping At Discounted Rates

By   December 20, 2015

In today’s time, everyone is familiar about the word “online shopping”.  If one is not aware, they try better to dig into this as online shopping has made every individual crazy as it is easily accessible. The number of buyers in every type of purchase is increasing whether it is point of buying apparels, household appliances, footwear or furniture online.  As everything has gone online, nowadays – online vendors providing the benefits to their already buyers by offering them online shopping voucher codes which is quite unlike discount voucher codes.

Shopping voucher code is undoubtedly acts like benefiter for customers and people don’t think twice spending less money for their shopping.  There are so many user friendly websites avail shopping voucher code to customers and you can search for search for the codes according to your choice and requirements. Online vendors offer huge discount to their customers especially in festive season and smaller discounts on routine days.

How can you search for voucher code?

To find your appropriate code, you need to conduct simple search on search engines. You just need to type the name of the discount code and you will get a list of the websites that provides voucher code. And further, you can choose the right one from your liked category. But, you need to be careful about the expiry dates to get the profits on the right time.

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