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Why Proper Cycling Clothing Is So Important?

By   June 29, 2017

Cycling is one of those activities that are not usually comfortable. Sitting on a small seat for hours at a time and pedaling continuously can cause some serious discomfort particularly in the wrong clothes. This is the reason you don't see any cyclists who wearing jeans, loose sweatpants or heavy sweatshirts. This kind of clothing really doesn't work well on long bike rides.

Cycling Clothing Checklist

Spandex or Lycra shorts. They may not be the most favorable, but skin-tight shorts are hands down the most comfortable thing to wear on long bike rides – mainly if they have the padded seat insert known as a chamois. If you want to buy the best cycling clothing then you can also check out http://www.bodytorque.com.au.

Cycling gloves. The act of cycling can be hard on your hands and wrists. Carpal tunnel symptoms are one of the most common constant stress injuries cyclists’faces. However, by wearing cycling gloves that have a good amount of padding and proper airing, you can reduce your risk of undergoing this injury. These gloves will also protect your hands from cold, dry air in fall and winter.

Cycling Jersey. While some people are just comfortable in a T-shirt but many cyclists find that bike jerseys do wonders to keep them comfortable while cycling. Good cycling jerseys will also have front zippers for airing and back pockets to keep your keys, cell phone, and other essentials.