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Points To Remember Before Buying A Diamond

By   July 10, 2017

The jewelry collection is incomplete without a beautiful diamond item. These sparkling stones are perfect for all occasions – social gatherings, evening out with friends, a dinner date with the husband or even at the office.

You can buy diamonds Australia to get an elegant and custom design without compromising the quality.

The best part about diamond jewelry is its never-ending trend. Therefore, everyone can safely do this as an investment, whether it is a classic stud, an elegant earring, an exquisite solitaire ring, a gorgeous diamond pendant, or a bracelet.

However, before you go out to buy a diamond, you should know following things about the diamond

This is important to know about the 4Cs of the diamond while purchasing. They are

1. Cut

This is the most vital factor you should consider when buying real diamond jewelry. That's because it is the cut that decides the wisdom of your diamond. It is believed that cut on diamonds actually represents sparkle.

2. Color

This is the second most significant factor that regulates the quality and the price of the diamond jewelry. It is essential to know that colorless diamonds are the best ones as they allow the maximum deflection of light or sparkle.

3. Clarity

You will rarely find a perfect diamond because almost all have inner flaws that arise during their creation. The number of these flaws, their size, and how visible, they are deciding the clarity of a diamond.

4. Carat

Carat weight is the most misunderstood feature of a diamond. Many consider it refers to the size, but in fact, this is a measure of the diamond's weight.