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Can a HEPA Filter Remove Mold Spores?

By   September 7, 2018

Mold spores are more of a pest than actual mold spots are. The mold spot won’t do very much except produce those mold spores. The spores are what we breathe in and it causes those harmful health effects.

This will also lead you to breathing problems and a possibility of a mold disease when it comes to mycotoxins. One of the best ways to combat these mold spores is by using a HEPA air filter. HEPA air purifiers are great tools when it comes to removing mold spores and other impurities from the air.

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Considering there are many air purifiers on the market, it can be difficult to find one that’s right for you. Luckily, there are many things that you can read about, but HEPA air filters are some of the best kinds that you can get. Even clean rooms and hospitals employ the services of HEPA filters because they pull out many things.

Even the smallest microbe like a virus or bacteria can’t escape the filtration of HEPA filters, so it’s a good thing to have in your home even if it’s not for mold. These air purifiers will do the work you want them to do and more.

Do HEPA Filters Remove Pet Dander?

By   June 16, 2018

Allergies can be such a drag. They can make it difficult to go outside, you have to be wary of what you eat, and sometimes you can’t even be around pets. Some of these allergens can affect you so badly that it can make it difficult to breathe, on top of the watery eyes and scratchy throat. Some of these can’t be prevented other than avoiding the source altogether, but things like pet dander can be lowered to the point of being comfortable. DC 911 informs us that air purifiers with HEPA filters can cut down on particles in the air, including pet dander, pollen, and dust.

Many people like petting dogs and cats, but if they’re allergic, it can leave them with a discomfort for a few hours. Our immune systems act up when it comes to the tiny atoms in the bits of dried skin that flake off. If the pets aren’t brushed or bathed often, it can gather in their fur and get into the air. An air purifier will pull these tiny bits in and trap them inside, giving you a peaceful and comfortable time around your four-legged friends. You don’t have to live in fear if you want a pet, just get an air purifier with a HEPA filter.

Buying tips for air purifiers

By   July 26, 2016

The main function of air purifier is to reduce the harmful particle in your air and make our home cleaner, fresher and healthier. To make sure our indoor environment can be comfortable and safe enough, we need to get an air purifier for ourselves.

The first step is to find the type you need. Please remember the most expensive one is not always the best. Try to look for some models fit your need with good price and high credit rating from Internet or website like www.airpurifierexplained.com..

Focus on the filter the air cleaner used, and figure out Are they washable? HEPA filter is the most popular filter with very reliable quality. It is said that this kind of filter can be put in the market only if the filter can meet quality regulations. Whether they filter need to be replaced after being used for maybe three or six months? How much need to pay when you change those filters. If you are on a budget, you’d better select washable filters.

Then you should go to the shop, and ask some store employees to make brief introduction of models you are interesting, and pay attention to their unique features. After back home, you can try to search the certain model on the Internet. Probably you will find your machine at much lower price.

Hope these buying tips can be useful for you!