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Mold Can Be Killed by Ozone Generators

By   November 15, 2018

There are many things you can do with an ozone generator. These machines are mainly used to eliminate odors, considering it affects microbes and other particles in the air. It can save you from allergies that might plague you year-round, including dust, pollen, and pet dander.

You should never run an ozone generator while in the same room, though. While it affects these airborne particles, it can also harm you and any pet you might have in the room. Because of this, it is also a good tool to use against mold infestations and keeping your home free of mold.

There are a lot of things you can do with an ozone generator, all said at http://www.damagecontrol-911.com/kill-mold-with-an-ozone-generator/

It should be noted that ozone won’t remove mold if it is already in your home. You will need a special mold remediation service to get rid of it. However, it can keep the mold from spreading to other areas and surfaces if you run it in the room that the mold is in.

Treat the mold as if you would a regular odor, so simply run it for a few hours while no one or no animal is inside. After a few hours, the ozone will disappear and turn back to regular oxygen.

Do HEPA Filters Remove Pet Dander?

By   June 16, 2018

Allergies can be such a drag. They can make it difficult to go outside, you have to be wary of what you eat, and sometimes you can’t even be around pets. Some of these allergens can affect you so badly that it can make it difficult to breathe, on top of the watery eyes and scratchy throat. Some of these can’t be prevented other than avoiding the source altogether, but things like pet dander can be lowered to the point of being comfortable. DC 911 informs us that air purifiers with HEPA filters can cut down on particles in the air, including pet dander, pollen, and dust.

Many people like petting dogs and cats, but if they’re allergic, it can leave them with a discomfort for a few hours. Our immune systems act up when it comes to the tiny atoms in the bits of dried skin that flake off. If the pets aren’t brushed or bathed often, it can gather in their fur and get into the air. An air purifier will pull these tiny bits in and trap them inside, giving you a peaceful and comfortable time around your four-legged friends. You don’t have to live in fear if you want a pet, just get an air purifier with a HEPA filter.

Best Home Improvement Tips For All Levels Of Handiness!

By   November 25, 2017

Consumers can get quite frustrated with home improvement. If you don't plan well or make poor decisions, things won't turn out the way you want them to. This article will provide you with advice to ensure your home improvements are completed without a hitch. Here is what you need to know.

To save money and add more creativity to your home remodelling, you can ask your contractor to fix a treehouse or even guesthouse on top of a tree. 

Convert your shabby garden shed into a modern garden house with big windows to make it more attractive.

Did you that the air in your home is 2 to 5 times more polluted than outside air? Watch this video to uncover an affordable air purifier that you may consider investing in to resolve this issue with ease and great effectiveness.

Want to keep pest out of your home without messing up the house? Consider installing an in-wall pest control system to solve this issue with ease. 

Use baseball drawers to maximize the space in your home to store socks or other small items.

Without proper management, home improvement projects will turn disastrous. In this article, we have discussed some important tips to help you plan, manage, and complete your next home improvement project. Using these tips, you'll be able to successfully plan and carry out your project.

Zebra Bedding For Kids

By   May 28, 2016

Zebra beddingis a perfect theme for a kids room. What child doesn’t love a touch of the wild? I have found this theme to be very versatile as well. It really grows with the children. There are many kids bedding sets in animal prints to choose from. Some are very juvenile and will only last a few years. Others, like Mombasa by Michael Kors pictured here would even work well for adults. It really is all in the accessories. For the younger set – the addition of stuffed animals, jungle wall art, a faux animal skin area rug, and some simple window dressings would create the tone. Disney even has several jungle themes that work well here. As the child grows, the sheets and comforter would continue to work and the accessories could change. The nice thing about this theme is that both boys and girls would enjoy the animal print. And if they share a room like my daughter and son, then there is a lot of continuity throughout the space.

Here is another design that is not specifically for kids. This one is by Manor Hill. Components like comforters, sheets, shams, and bedskirts are all sold separately – so it is easy to pick and choose just the pieces that are needed.

However, sometimes a bed in a bag is just an easier choice. And these from Target do not disappoint. The pink and purple sets are a nice twist for girls. And each twin size set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, one pillowcase, one bedskirt, and one sham. Coordinating window treatments, pillows and bolsters are also available separately. How’s that for instant gratification?