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5 Best Ways To Reduce Fear

By   March 23, 2019

Fear often interferes with our ability to live more fulfilling lives. Fear is the critical voice in our head saying: “You’ll never succeed, so why to try?”.  Fear makes us listen to those voices and give up before we’ve even started.

When we let fear rule our lives, we miss out on opportunities and leads us to dismiss people and situations that could help us reach our goals. Fear comes in different guises and different forms – procrastination for example.

Here are the top 5 ways to reduce and break through fear. If you really feel fear to fly then visit https://www.fearless-flyer.com/de/ to conquer your fear of flying.

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1. Write down your fears and how they affect your life.

2. Are there things that you’re holding back on because you’re frightened that you are not good enough or of making changes generally? You have a limited time on this earth. Deadlines are called deadlines for a reason!

 3. Listen to your self-talk. Many of us don’t so much talk to ourselves as for making statements i.e. “I’ll never be able to get that job”. This cuts your brain dead and gives it nothing to work on. It’s gone for a prolonged holiday!

4. Start asking yourself questions. For example, ask “how can I make giving this speech an enjoyable experience?”. Now your brain has something to do! Don’t expect the answer straight away (but be aware of opportunities and situations that provide clues) – but you’re going in the right direction.

Get into the habit of asking yourself questions rather than making blanket (negative) statements.

5. Redefine “mistakes” and learn from them. Don’t beat yourself up over mistakes you’ve made in the past and being fearful of starting new relationships, jobs etc. That gets you nowhere.