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Why Are Mulberry Silk Sheets So Expensive?

By   September 26, 2018

Some silks are cheaper or more expensive than others and mulberry silk is no different, but what makes it so much more expensive than most other silks on the market? In this short article we will define what makes mulberry silk different from every other silk on the market.

Fiber length is a critical point for mulberry silk. The longer the fiber, the stronger the fabric that's made from it. mulberry silk is one of the strongest silks on the market. This also means they last much longer than other silk garments or sheets.

Pilling is a common issue with silk sheets, but longer fibers prevent premature pilling, giving you years of extra service from Mulberry silk when compared to others. They hold up better when being cleaned and still deliver on the worlds best sleep experience.

Once you get past that dream state of blissful sleep, you can then look at the benefits of mulberry silk. They are hypoallergenic, antibacterial, wick well, regulate temp between the sheets while you sleep. They will keep you cool or warm, depending on your situation and weather.

When you start digging, it's easy to see that mulberry sheets are worth the money you spend on them, They can last over a decade and give you the sleep experience of a lifetime every day, or should we say night?