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Indoor plants in office to benefit your employees

By   August 26, 2017

How about offering some benefits to your employees in the form of good health? No, we are not talking about setting up a gym at your office, but what we have is a economical way and the health benefits are manifold. It is the indoor plants.


How do indoor plants help the employees of a corporate office?

It brings nature to office: On an average the employees spend 70% of their time sitting indoors at corporate offices. This lack of exercise and no exposure to the open surroundings are a slow kill in the long run. So what do you do to bring freshness in your office so that it helps your employees get a feeling that they are surrounded by nature? That is by placing as much indoor plants as possible.

It reduces stress levels: Employees in office are constantly performing under pressure. This aggravates their stress levels and induces lifestyle ailments at a very early age. Reports have shown that placing indoor plants at office helps in keeping stress under control.

It increases attentiveness: Indoor plants help in increasing the sharpness levels in the employees. The employees become more attentive. The advantageous byproduct of reduced stress level and increased attentiveness is increase in productivity.

It helps in maintaining good health: Having indoor plants increases the moisture level in the office. This reduces coughing and allergy problems in the employees. Also plants clean the atmosphere by inducing fresh air around them.

So, how about some indoor plants in your office? Select good indoor plants for hire provider and turn your office into a green zone.     

When Is The Removal Of a Tree Needed?

By   December 30, 2015

The removal of a tree is a very delicate work to do, this is why it should only be performed by qualified and experienced personnel, as those working for Evergreen Tree Services, who can be contacted at http://evergreentreeservicesatlanta.com/tree-removal-in-dunwoody-ga/. A tall tree can be cut only in certain cases provided for by existing legislation. Cases of justifying the removal of a tree are as follows:

  • The death of the tree
  • An infectious disease (such as the red punch)
  • The danger to the security of persons and property

All these factors should be carefully considered and analyzed to choose the most suitable technique and to prevent any kind of unexpected events. Fundamental in this phase is the calculation of the direction of fall of the tree. According to this calculation, in fact, the technicians must calculate an area of security within which the falling tree does not cause damage to property or persons and does not affect the stability of other trees and plants in the vicinity. Once evaluated and calculated all these possible variables, the technicians will make the real tree felling. The removal of a tall trees is an extremely dangerous and complex work and should only be attempted by experienced and competent engineers.