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Using SEO to Promote my Discount Party Supplies

By   May 1, 2017

If I had to choose one marketing method to promote my discount party supplies online, I would always use SEO. Many people ask me why I prefer SEO more than other methods. Well, there is no better marketing method than SEO which is highly targeted. I know a few friends of mine who are in the party supply business. But they prefer social media for driving traffic to their party supply websites and they ask me to do the same. But, I reject their suggestions.

Of course, SEO is a time consuming method. One needs to put in a lot of effort to see success with SEO. But, the effort is really worth it. In the initial days of my website on discount party supplies, I was really skeptical of using SEO as a marketing method for my website. But, something inside me kept saying that SEO is the best marketing method. So, I took the plunge. Initially, I tried some PPC marketing which gave me some ideas on what kind of keywords to target for my SEO campaigns and which keywords not to target. If you ask me, keyword research is the crucial part of SEO. This is where most people fail and give up on SEO.