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How Long does Wine Lasts Once Opened?

By   June 13, 2019


Not all wines have the same flavor and effect once it is opened. There are 2 important factors you need to understand. Former is about the you store the wine after opening and the latter is about the wines type. These are a few types of wines along with their duration period.

  1. Sparkling Wine – The duration of a sparkling wine once opened is usually 3 days. This type of wine consists carbonated bubbles where the bubbles disappear after 3 days once it is opened. However, there are a few wines such as Champagne and Cava that are known to last for longer duration due to the presence of extra bubbles.
  2. Red Wine –Most of the red wines can last for a duration of about 7 to days when opened. Storing and tannin levels are the 2 important factors that decides the duration of the red wine. For example; Pinot Noir has a tendency of short duration due to the low-level presence of tannins. On the other hand, it is recommended to store a wine in an environment consisting of 21 degrees. You can store the wine bottle even in a fridge provided you cannot find an environment that is 21 degrees.
  3. Sweet, Light and Rose Wines –A maximum of 7 days is the period this type of wine lasts. The flavors of this wine start to diminish due to oxidization process that keeps happening inside the wine bottle.

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