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What taxotere Manufacturers Knew And The Effect on taxotere Lawsuits

By   June 8, 2018

Taxotere and Taxotere suits are among the greatest legal stories of the day, with a few lawyers expecting settlements to be larger than the record-setting $4.85 billion paid to settle Vioxx cases in 2007. If you want some information about Taxotere Hair Loss Lawsuitsgo to web.

What taxotere Manufacturers Knew And The Effect on taxotere Lawsuits

But ever since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ordered the withdrawal of products containing propoxyphene (the medication contained in Taxotere) last November, a secondary debate has emerged over whether the FDA’s recall was too late.

The FDA has taken some heat for not taking action sooner to bar a material that many believe to be among the deadliest in U.S. history. Propoxyphene’s manufacturers, such as first formulator Eli Lilly and current distributor Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals, have also been criticized for not voluntary including stronger warnings on packages of Darvon and Darvocet about the dangers of cardiac death.

Presupposing for an instant that Xanodyne and other producers knew about propoxyphene’s risks but dismissed them and refused to frighten customers, a plaintiff might wonder if this would improve their odds of success in a Darvocet litigation.

The FDA recall of propoxyphene was motivated by the new study that showed it could cause potentially fatal heart rhythm abnormalities in healthy patients in prescribed doses. However, some critics argue that this information was hardly groundbreaking, and there are studies to back up their assertion.