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Some Important Concerns And Uses Of Theater Makeup

By   September 8, 2018

Grease paint that is safe for the skin can be used in plays, for helping actors play their roles better. The paint is often designated or marketed as theater makeup, and there are many brands and products that are in use. For theater management and staff, this is an item that is usually found with the production crew.

Specifically, the folks in a crew that use them belong to the wardrobe and makeup group. These often work together to coordinate the things put on the faces of actor with the things they wear. Also, these are experts not only expert in cosmetic changes, but also in how the cosmetics can affect how actors are seen on stage.

The stage is not a simple platform, but a space that is lighted up by footlights, kliegs and spots. All of these can have color filters that produce shadows and light in a special way for effect. Sometimes an actor can have several custom and cosmetic changes in a play to answer to the lighting concerns.

The grease is often water based so that they can be easily wiped off or taken off the face. Most actors find this a chore that they have to do afterwards, because the makeup artists are not responsible for cleaning up. The focus on the instructions of the director and the wardrobe master or the head of cosmetics for a play.

Many writers or playwrights can also provide instructions on how to set up this part of the play. But often it is up for a director in coordination with the crew doing the paint job on the stage actors. This is creative work that is more or less technical, and achieving proficiency can take some years to do here.

Grease is also used for film or television sets. Usually, the artists employed belong to a guild, just like writers or directors or camera experts have theirs. They are a recognized group in the industry which needs to coordinate or combine all these things to make their products, shows or live filming work.

For directors, there is also need for some kind of expertise here. But mainly they need to focus on the overall effect of the paints in terms of direct visual effect or the effect they can have when being filmed. Television sets work like stages, and the cameras can even be more powerful than the normal eyes of stage audiences.

Cameras also have different lighting values and any set in film for instance needs more lights and related fixtures. The cosmetic work needs to conform to all these, or should specifically be useful for certain scenes. No two scenes can work with the same makeup, because changes in the timelines and settings are natural.

The many experts working for any kind of concern in this way are usually non transferrable on other settings. For instance, they cannot actually be useful in beauty shops or parlors. Their system and their methods or techniques are unique to the jobs in theater, film or television.